Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mamavation Monday 10/17/2010

Hello ladies!

So, this week has been a little bananas. I've been busy with getting things straightened out for school, tests, and TRYING not to stress over this Mamavation campaign on top of the usual stuff.

I took a little time to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend and it was FABULOUS!

Here's this week's scale pic:

I've lost 2 lbs since last week!

This is also my official starting weight for the Move It & Lose It Challenge (if I'm not selected as a Mamavation Mom)

I also must take the time out to apologize to my mother since she was mortified that her daughter posted pictures last week without taking that toe nail polish off. Sorry again, Mom.

Here are my before pics:

Any my measurements:

Bust: 42"
Waist: 41"
Hips: 50"
Rt Arm: 19.5"
Lt Arm: 19.25"
Rt Thigh: 30"
Lt Thigh: 31"


Honestly, seeing the rather horrifying pictures of me (and posting them for the world to see) reminds me of WHY I started Mamavation in the first place. I saw pictures of me at my sister's wedding and was so upset not only out how BIG I was, but by the fact that these are my sister's wedding pictures that will be around forever.

I felt like a giant sore thumb that just stuck out and ruined all of her wedding pictures. It might seem trivial to some, but it was devastating to me.

I'm going to try to not let this get me down, and just use it as a motivating factor for what I'm here to do: GET HEALTHY!

I did my EA Sports Active workout on Saturday and it was a LOT harder than I was anticipating. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it kicked my butt! I also did 150 jumping jacks every day which definitely got my heart racing and did 150 mountain climbers 3 days this week. On top of that, I bit the bullet and started Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred again. That woman is going to kill me!

Good luck to all the other finalists! Can't wait to see who's chosen to be the next Mamavation Mom! Don't forget to join us at the Twitter party Monday night from 8pm-10pm EST. You can RSVP here

PS - Polls close for voting for the next Mamavation Mom on Monday at 9pm EST. If I inspire you, motivate you, make you giggle, or even if I make you cringe, please take the time to go VOTE FOR ME HERE. <3


  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel about the wedding pictures. Sadly, I feel that way about my own wedding pictures. That's pretty pathetic, right?

    It was hard for me to post my pics and measurements today as well, but you and I are on the right track now!

    Good luck tomorrow, I'll see you at the twitter party. :)

  2. Girl, let me tell you, it's ALWAYS a photo that blows my cover. I mean, I can seriously walk around feeling like I'm a freaking Victoria's Secret model or something because that's exactly what I feel like on the inside, and then CLICK goes a camera and my facade all comes crashing down around me.

    So. I get it.

    But the thing is, I don't look at your photos and see the same thing you see. So A, wedding photos are most definitely not ruined, and B, I'm going to venture a guess that the people around you who love you think you are beautiful on the outside as well as the inside.

    And look at you making all these healthy changes. I mean, right?

    So. Good luck with the voting and have an outstanding week.

  3. Personally, I think you're a gorgeous girl. I know what it feels like to think you look terrible though. I hope this journey really helps you get to where you want to be.

  4. I'm sure no one else thinks you ruined the photos. It's hard to see pictures of ourselves sometimes. For me, it was probably a photo that spurred me on all those months ago too.

    You kicked butt on the exercise this week! Congrats on the loss!

  5. You are so beautiful CJ! I hope you know that! Weight doesn't take beauty away from someone unless they let it and you are too sunny a person to let that happen. Like your "about"'re pretty much awesome!
    Good luck tonight. No matter if you're our mamavation mom or a move it and lose it challenger, you're gonna rock it!
    Don't let the frazzle affect your razzle dazzle :)

  6. I got the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred too but I am too chicken to start it. You have inspired me to bust it out and get going.

  7. Pictures like this are always a wake up call. Kudos to you for being brave!! And great job on the 2 lb loss this week!!

    Good luck tonight!

  8. I agree with the above comments... seeing ourselves in the raw/exposed vunerable state is such a wake up call... and this whole experience (opening ourselves up to the public) is hard. Kudos to you... and good luck tonight.

  9. Who would ever let u buy spandex? Is ur camera still working?

    Ull always be fat. Cant believe u were dumb enough to take a pic of ur weight.

    Ull end up alone and 2 fat 2 walk outta ur house

  10. Good luck in the MiLi challenge CJ. I would love to see you beat me. I'll trash talk if that will help motivate ya. Let me know? ;)

  11. Well you went took a leap of faith by posting all of this. There is no where to go but in a more positive direction from here!

  12. great job on the workouts and good luck with the challenge you are going to do great

  13. Hi!! I didn't know you were a blogger...and you're much better at it than me! :) I'm going to massage therapy school @ Lexington Healing Arts Academy. It's a 10 month program, so I should hopefully graduate in July (if I don't quit b/w now & then...haha) I'm so proud of you btw! <3 ya

  14. Good luck -- with your workout plans AND with the MILI challenge. $500 is a good reward for success! ;)

  15. Hey there! I feel like kindred spirits because I was on sports team and still never got skinny even with all the running. So glad we are doing the Move it to Lose it together. I've missed all your tweets lately, so hoping to get to know you better and be there for you. Good Luck.

  16. I'm looking forward to getting to know you better, especially during the MiLi. CONGRATS on making finalist -- that's an accomplishment right there!