Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Is This How Lindsay Lohan Feels Everytime She's In the Tabloids?

To my Mamavation Sistas-

Thank you SO MUCH for the continued support throughout the past few days. Yall mean more to me than you'll ever know.

As for the twitter idiot: they apparently weren't the brightest crayon in the box and a few of their tweets pretty much confirmed my suspicions as to who they are.

They are NOT a member of the Mamavation Sistahood (as if any of you would ever say those things!).

Unfortunately, when I was campaigning to be the next Mamavation Mom, this let pretty much everyone I know "in real life" what I was doing. Although 99.9999% of those people were supportive, ONE was not. It's really a shame how one person makes everyone else look bad.

This person was not a current friend, although we do have many mutual acquaintances.

I deeply apologize that my campaigning brought all of this unnecessary drama to the mamavation hashtag on Twitter. Again, thank you ALL for your love and support.

I'd like to say that I didn't let this person get the better of me, but lots of what they said (whether true or false) stirred up the same feelings I've had since I was a little girl. Nothing like someone preying on your weak spots to make you feel a little insecure.

Hopefully in a few days, I'll be prepared to show that person how WRONG they are. For now I'm just trying to wrap my head around why someone would say such terrible things.

If you have any concerns regarding anything this person tweeted out, please let me know.


  1. There is absolutely nothing for you to apologize for, you have done nothing wrong. And of course we're here with you!

  2. You don't need to apologize for anything! I don't pretend to understand what would possess a person to purposefully and maliciously attach another person in that way. It's horrible and I applaud you for handling it the way you have (not fighting fire with fire). You are loved and protected by your Sistas out there because we all know that if it were one of us going through it, you'd be there for us. Hang in there girl. Don't let the ugliness of a dark mind bring you down. Rely on those that know you and love you to keep you holding your head high!

  3. They said these things because they are insecure and cowardly. They see how wonderful you are and how you are making changes to your life to make it better and that makes them feel even more inferior. You are such a bright light in my world. {HUGS} You know the best revenge? SUCCESS!!! You are doing great!

  4. Darlin here's a little tidbit my mom taught me.

    Those that matter don't do things to hurt you, and those that do things to hurt you don't matter!

    Don't allow this person (who's evidently looking for notoriety and 5 min of fame) get you down!

    This person doesn't matter in the big scheme of life!

    Big hugs to you and I hope you will hold your chin high as we all support you!!

    Mamavation Sistahs RULE!!

  5. CJ, There is no reason for you to apologize! I'm glad you were able to get an idea of who's behind the tweets, and I hope that will put you at ease a little. People like that are just Bullies, and they go through life making themselves feel better by poking at other peoples' wounds. It's sick, and sad, and obviously they have their own deep-seeded self esteem issues. I hope you don't let them get to you, and if you ever need to talk, please feel free to email me! I've been through this kind of situation before, so I know how you must feel. <3

  6. CJ, you have nothing to apologize for! This person is responsible for their own actions, you are not!

    Sending you lots of hugs and belief. You are a wonderful, beautiful woman and I hope you know that.

  7. I'm glad I missed the ugliness, but I'm sorry I wasn't there to have your back. People are awfully weird and sometimes it's hard to figure them out. I'm glad Twitter destroyed the troll!!

  8. CJ I didn't see all this mean person said I saw a few things at the beginning and I was really upset that someone would single you out. I agree w/ what some of the others said that this person obviously has issues that really have nothing to do with you, they need to fix themself. It is sad that some people have to prey on the insecurities of others to make them feel big and powerful. My bet is this person was a bully in school and probably abusive.

    Anyway you don't owe us any apologies an I hope that you know how wonderful we think you are. I said it before but WE think YOU ARE AMAZING!! Mamavation <3 CJINKY!! :)