Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mamavation Monday 8/23

Hello ladies

This week was pretty good for me. I lost 1.6lbs which brings me down to 235.0. I definitely paid more attention to what I was eating this week, but didn't work out. I also didn't get on Twitter and follow the Mamavation hashtag as much as I should have.

However, I DID quit my job at the bank this week...and committed to a total and complete career change. I was having some anxiety about it this weekend, as far as how the money situation was going to work out for the next few weeks and if I'm really going to like this whole nursing thing. Everyone I've talked to about seems to think I'll make a good CNA (and eventually nurse)...because I'm so caring or something, so I suppose that's reassuring. I guess there are just always nerves when facing the unknown. Read more about the whole situation HERE.

School started for me on Thursday, and since I'll be going to CNA classes as well for the next 2 weeks from 8-4, I've been trying to get a head start on things. My teachers seem like genuinely good educators, so I'm pretty excited about that.

With this new CNA class, a tight money situation, and college classes all starting, it's really important that I meal plan and strategize this week. I'm not usually one for meal planning for an entire week...but I at least need to get a few days head start so I don't end up going through a drive-thru, spending money I don't need to spend, and consuming thousands of empty calories. At my old job, I had the luxury of coming home on my lunch break, but I'll have to pack a lunch ahead of time now. That makes waking up even earlier. I'm not so good at that waking up thing.

Anyway, despite how busy I'll be this week, I'm going to try and hop on Twitter more and hopefully make it to Mamavation TV Monday night to congratulate Jenny and Lisa on a well-done campaign! I can't believe it's almost over. Where did the summer go?

Lastly, Earth Footwear is sponsoring this week's blogging carnival. Since I'll be on my feet all day (or night) working in a hospital (hopefully) soon, I would LOVE a pair of these! @MMScarlett let me try on hers a few weeks ago, and was I got over the balance thing I was in love. And totally jealous.


  1. Very cool on your new career path! Takes a lot of guts!

    Pack your lunch the night before!! Good luck at school!

    Awesome weight loss!!

  2. That's an AWESOME career path. Have you looked into scholarships at all? I was in the same tight money situation, too, but I landed an amazing scholarship after spending $100 on a scholarship essay writing class. Most people think they don't qualify or they are intimidated by the process, but yeah... I thought I would throw that out there!

    Keep up your weight loss efforts, girl! Nursing seems to be a much more active career (and a rewarding one), so no worries -- those lbs will come off one way or another :)

    I think it's neat that you can try on a friend's shoes. My FIANCE and I can share shoes, but that's kinda...gross. My feet are HUGE (size 11). LOL!

  3. Awesome loss and congrats on your new adventure with school! Good luck!

  4. I went through the same thing when I started Nursing school! Good Luck! And by the way we can be twitter (stalkers) buddies! Great job on the weight loss! ;)

  5. yay on the 1.6 pounds!

    Think of how active you are going to be when you are working! Wear your pedometer too so you can keep up with how many steps you're taking.

    Good luck with the new adventures :-) Keep me updated...

    I do have to admit I kinda chuckled at the caring part. . . I can totally see you saying "stop whining!" hehe but then again, most people need that. . .

    Have a great week!!! You can do it

  6. Congrats on your loss and, job change! I bet you will do great!

    I saw you were looking for quick snacks to take to class. I love mixing fruits and nuts. Like take cut up apples or oranges with a handful of almonds.

    Maybe grab a protein bar, carrots and celery. They make those snack bags of fruit or veggies. Hope that helps some!

  7. Hey sweetheart! I commend you for doing what you know in your heart is right for YOU!! Yeah for a career change with nursing! I admire that profession! You go girl! Also, way to go with the 1.6lb weigh tloss this week!! Woot!!

    Have a great first week back in class! HUGS

  8. Way to go CJ! I am proud of you and the steps you are taking in your career switch. Another motivation to pack great food is that it will keep you healthy... you can't afford to get sick with your schedule and you cant afford to be stupid (good food=brain food).

  9. egh! boyfriend quit his job with nothing lined up and i was SCARED! but 3 days later he got a call and job offer that was twice his previous salary and i just could not believe how things worked out! I am proud of you for taking the steps to change, it can be so scary!

    Wishing you good luck this week! great job on your loss!


  10. Wow! Big week for you! If you want to talk nursing with someone or need school help let me know. I am a nurse (ER) and would love to help you out! I am here if you just need to vent about school, since I have been there and done that as well! Best wishes and welcome to healthcare!!!

  11. Congrats on the new changes! I've always wanted to change careers but never figured out what I wanted to do.

    For lunches, can you just make extra dinner and then pack it for lunch? Maybe wait a day for it so you're not eating the same thing 2 days in a row? You'll get in a groove after a few days.

    Good luck at school!

  12. I think the new career change is going to be fantastic for u and a better fit for ur loving personality. Xxoo

    Oh, and good job on the weight loss!!!

  13. Congratulations on your weight loss! Good luck in your classes! It sounds like a tough load, but also like you will really like it. Have a great week!

  14. I'm so excited for your new career in the making! Best of luck with school. I think you'll transition beautifully into it. Meal planning is definitely not my forte either but once you start, it becomes second nature, especially after you figure out a few meals/snacks that you like and that work for you. Try to bring a lunch bag with a cooling pack and then you can bring lots of fresh veggies and hummus with you to snack on at school :) Can't wait to hear more about your semester :)

  15. Woohoo on the weight loss!! Congrats!! Meal planning is a GREAT way to keep the food budget in control. Good for you!

    have a great week!

  16. You will do great! Stay positive and it will all work out just find, sometimes you just have to take the leap!

    Great job on the weight loss again this week!

  17. Congrats on losing - keep it up! And while a new career path can be lined with anxiety, keep your chin up! It can be SO exciting! Good luck and keep up the good work!