Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blog Hop '10 all (or see it seems) of my Blogging and Twitter friends are at BlogHer, I've decided to join Blog Hop '10. w00t! I'm excited, as this is my FIRST blog hop.

My blog is pretty much brand spanking new (tiny, infant, baby blog) and has so far consisted of weight loss goals and weekly challenges. I also might have done a post about my dog (priorities...I have them). The hope for this blog in the future is to not only report weight loss, but also share recipes, healthy living tips, and some of my snarky sassyness. Get excited!

Edit: After further thought, I remembered that I also blogged about the BP oil spill and whether organic farms are really organic. All that important stuff and I remembered the dog post. Like I said....priorities, people.

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