Saturday, June 5, 2010

To BP or Not to BP...

...cheesy title, eh? I was actually pretty astonished with my play on words there.

I've received multiple snippets of information in regards to boycotting BP. By "snippets of information" I mean I've seen lots of Facebook statuses about it and the topic keeps popping up on my Twitter feed.

I'm slightly wishy-washy when it comes to boycotts. I feel like my small participation won't make a difference...but shouldn't I lead by example and refuse to take my business to certain places? After all, the only person I have control over is myself. Sometimes.

Now, I certainly have not been keeping on top of the latest news with the oil spill. BP's pipe burst, oil is leaking into the gulf, and it really sucks. Thinking about it makes me sad. Do I want to boycott BP? Maybe. But after all, couldn't this have happened to any company involved in off-shore drilling? Maybe not, it might have been BP's stupid mistake (like I said, I'm not 100% up to date on the situation). I feel like the real threat here is off-shore drilling, not BP. Also, most BP stations are locally owned (at least around here), and I really hate to advertise taking business away from people like that because it won't effect corporate BP at all.

But seriously, is BP handling everything with transparency and consideration for the public and environment? I highly doubt it, and I am NOT ok with that. Yes, accidents happen, but as Britain's largest company, and one of the largest in the world, they should be able to handle something like this with a little more grace. So maybe I should boycott them.

Please tell me what your thoughts are on this!

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