Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blogger's Block

Ah...blogger's block. I think we've all experienced it at some point. You know it's been a few days since you've posted, but you're just STUCK.

And in those time's, we tend to blog about how we don't know what to blog about...but just feel the need to write something and connect with people (ex: now).

Now, no one asked for my advice on blogger's block. My blog is still a newborn baby and people don't really seek me out for advice on internet writing. I'm going to give it anyway, in case someone just happens to stumble by here and read it.

It's been my (limited) experience that blogger's block is best cured by reading the blogs of others. I'm not saying if your fav blogger wrote something about her dog being neutered you should write that too, but if you think bigger picture (like "surgery" or "pet") I'm sure you will have your own unique story you might be excited to blog about.

My point is, when all else other blogs. Not only am I absolutely CONVINCED that reading is the best way to become a better writer, but it helps you connect with others.

Does a particular post pull at your heart strings and remind you of the time something happened to someone you know? Consider blogging about it. After all, our writing should (in my opinion) evoke emotion and connect with an audience. Use that to your advantage, fellow bloggers.


  1. Great post! Keep writing like this and before you know it you'll be on top ;)

  2. I tend to write when its in my heart and skip when it isnt.
    so much of life is an obligation (hello work, laundry, taxes :)) that I decided blogging can not be :)